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Air Force aerial support events generally fall into two categories: Aviation/Patriotic Holiday-related and Non-Aviation-related.

Requests for off-base flyovers will be considered only for aviation-related events (i.e., air shows, airport anniversaries, etc.) or for patriotic observances held in conjunction with formal observances, open to the public, on Armed Forces Day (third Saturday in May), Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4), Prisoner Of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Recognition Day (third Friday in September), and Veterans Day (November 11 ) when held within seven days of the holiday date. This does not mean that you can request a flyover for an event on July 2nd, justifying its eligibility because it falls within seven days on one of the DoD-approved holidays. As a reminder, all sporting events require Air Force Public Affairs exception-to-policy approval regardless of the date. All other events that do not meet DoD eligibility criteria may possibly be considered as exceptions-to-policy events for one-time-only events provided there is sufficient rationale.

Aviation support that may be requested includes static display aircraft, a flyover, an aerial demonstration or a parachute team performance. An authorized flyover is a straight and level flight, limited to one pass, by no more than two tactical/trainer/rotary wing and 1 transport military aircraft of the same general type from the same military Service over a predetermined point on the ground at a specific time and not involving aerobatics or demonstrations.

Aerial demonstrations are reserved for air shows only and will not be performed over other public events.

Generally, the Air Force is unable to support fundraising events. If your event raises funds for any purpose, please call the Air Force Aerial Events Office at (703) 695-9664 to discuss your options.

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